Leveraging 26 yrs of executive pastor experience &

20 yrs of international corporate leadership

to partner with you and your church

to become a high impact community for Christ's sake!



As staffs grow larger there is a rapid escalation of the need for systems, procedures, and organizational development. A fresh set of experienced eyes can often bring clarity out of seeming confusion.


Setting direction, galvanizing the vision, redirecting the culture or strategy and leading well through change is often overwhelming. Having an experienced outside voice can often help cut through the haze to see the next step more clearly. 


Thinking of building, adding or renovating?

After 20 years as an architect and construction manager prior to becoming an executive pastor for 26 years has given me the tools that can be brought to any size project to eliminate the most common design and building mistakes.


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Are staff evalutations long, tedious and often unproductive?

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