Greg Allen, President The Shepherd's Staff a pastoral search firm. "Bob is a true professional with the heart and experience of a seasoned, caring pastor.  His deep experience, his relationship with God and his love for the church enable him to lead through change successfully and with grace.  He can help you and your organization bring your vision into focus so that you can take the steps necessary to accomplish what God has called you to.  I consider him a trusted friend and advisor."

James L Grubb, CFO "Operation Mobilization", International. " Bob is a deeply caring individual whose gift of leadership was visible to anyone who worked for him. He gave me a chance to express my leadership when on paper he should have not done so, but he is one who is willing to take chances based upon a well developed understanding of people.   He allowed God to teach him, gift him and be used by Christ.  He was always someone who freely gave to others what he had been taught, and he was taught a lot!"

Tom Castor, Executive Director MissionFest Manatoba, Lead Pastor for 10 yrs at Grant Memorial Church Winnipeg, Canada

"A vision without an implement strategy is nothing more than a daydream. Bob has spent a life time learning how to make things work. He has the capacity to assess things quickly and acurately and develop plans to correct problems, fill gaps and set your organization on a trajectory for success. If you want a vision that keeps first things first and comes with a strategy that will work-call Bob"

Bill and Pam Farell

International Speakers, author of over 50 books including Men are Like Waffles-Women are Like Spaghetti, CoDirectors of Love-Wise

"Bob is uniquely gifted in helping ministries know how to get things done. He has a clear insight into the processes, plans and resources that move projects forward. He has a proven track record for identifying talent, designing programs to organize that talent into a coherent strategy and motivating people to accept their role in the plan with enthusiam and focus. He has the rare combination of personal compassion and professional toughness that has made him a successful businessman and Executive Pastor. He knows when to be soft and when to take a stand for the good of the organization and the individuals involved. As a result, he has experienced success everywhere he has served. Any ministry who is looking to develop a clear vision and effective strategies while removing obstacles to growth will find Bob's wisdom, coaching and experience invaluable."

Ken Burkhalter, Deputy Facilities Manager, The Rand Corp, Founder/Lead Consultant of 'FM & Beyond' Bob Feitl is a good friend and one of the best organizational leaders I have ever been associated with. I had the pleasure of working with Bob as part of a large ministry that was experiencing dynamic challenge and change. In that role I saw firsthand his passion for leadership and his skill in leading complex organizations. Before joining ministry work Bob was a skilled Architect who developed projects in Europe and the Middle East. Bob is now an executive consultant, coach and speaker; bringing a unique blend of real world problem solving and passion-based leadership to his ministry and non-ministry clients. 

Larry Dewitt, founding Sr Pastor of Calvary Community Church, CA, active evangelist and founder of the Prayer/Care/Share movement. (I was Executive Pastor for Larry for 14 years) "I was there to observe Bob's move from effective business leader to become a very energized executive pastor. Bob has great organizational skills, is an effective implementer, while having a pastor's heart. He has a unique capacity to balance...catching the heart and vision of the lead pastor and encouraging and guiding the ministry team. He gets it...but also has been very effective in mentoring and coaching others. He loves to pass it on...! I highly recommend Bob to you and your team."

Gary Levene, lead elder, Gracespring Bible Church.

"Those looking to move their organizations to the next level of effectiveness would be well served by procuring the services of Bob Feitl. His wise leadership and wealth of experience will assist in bringing clarity to your strategic planning process. During the building expansion process of gracespring, Bob's vision in combination with practical direction during the design and build portion of the project resulted in savings hundreds of thousand of dollars. Good stewardship of the resources God provides begins with the seeking of wise counsel. Bob provides the frim and Godly direction that can be in short supply in an organiztion filled with well intentioned volunteers!"

Dr. Archibald Hart, professor Fuller Theological Seminary, prolific author

I am privileged to write this recommendation for Bob Feitl who we have known for 15 or more years.    My wife and I have known him and his wife in a personal and professional context. Bob was especially helpful when our middle daughter’s husband was killed in an automobile accident and he was significantly ministered to us when we asked him to perform the funeral service.


They are both deeply committed to the gospel and service to the Church. They have a passion for people and are very sociable. Every one we knew where he served in California regarded him highly and a very hard worker. They knew he was one who could be trusted. I strongly recommend him"