If you are in a pastoral leadership role facing new challenges in these difficult days; I would love to be available to you for an "on target" strategic direction review or for a personal challenge you are facing to walk with you as a resource and ministry friend.  (I will work with any size budget and can access scholarships as needed.)


My desire is to be accessible to you on an 'as required' basis to provide my perspective and friendship from 26 years experience as a mega-church Executive Pastor (XP) and 20 years as a senior international corporate executive.


For a complimentary Zoom, phone or email introduction, contact me at



"Many years ago, God put Bob in my life to help me navigate my new role as an executive pastor of a mega-church. He has an incredible way of listening and drawing from his wealth of experience to offer just the right advice. I have recently transitioned into the role of a Senior Pastor and am finding him to once again be used by God to help me both in my personal life and in this season of new ministry. Thanks Bob for being there for me down through the years!"


"I have served in youth ministry for 10+years as Pastor of Students for 300 middle school - college age students. Then, after getting my M-Div degree I became the development director of a large Christian school. It's hard to put into words how Bob has helped me over the years. It's not long after you start talking to Bob you realize, "This guy has done it all!" Business, ministry, family and life. I can't thank him enough for what he has invested in my life.

Love, wisdom, ministry insight, compassion, friendship, direction and accountability are just a few of the benefits I have recieved."


"I'm an executive pastor of a church of 300. Bob has been a coach, a trusted confidential counselor, an encourager and a friend.  He has a passion to help leaders both professionally and personally.  Bob has walked with me through some difficult times. He is the first person I contact whenever I have a question or tough decision to make. His business background and ministry experience has been a catalyst in speaking into my life and into the life of my church."


"I'm a Campus Pastor of a church that serves over 10,000 per week with the site I am blessed to lead averaging over 1,300. Bob has served as both a friend and a mentor to me for over a decade. His experiences and insight have been extremely helpful, but I think his unique desire to serve me as a leader and pray for me as an individual has made the bigger impact. We all need people who will listen and prayerfully support as we try to navigate seasons in life and ministry and then offer insight. Bob is THAT guy!"


"I am an executive pastor of a church over 1100 in attendance. Through talking with Bob, he has helped our church by giving us great leadership principles, analyzing our culture, and developing processes.  He has guided us through some difficult board decisions. Talking with Bob always provides me with great encouragement. I am grateful for his tremendous insight and wisdom."