Thinking of building, adding or renovating?

20 years as an architect and construction manager before my

26 years as an executive pastor has given me the tools that can be brought to any size and type of project to mitigate the most common design and construction challenges.

Church buildings and additions have the potential to energize a congregation when done well, or to bring deep division and wear out senior leadership when done poorly.

My experience can assist you in:

  • ...developing a complet       project strategy.
  • ...selecting the right designer    and builder.
  • ...developing a budget that is realistic and doesn't exceed your target.
  • ...developing a schedule you can depend upon.


The construction cost is not your total project cost. The cost per square foot is not a reliable benchmark and is often not the full cost. 


Want to know more?

Contact me for a free cost explaination work sheet and a complimentary follow-up phone call.



I will help you to:

  • Organize your team for maximum effectiveness and least stress.
  • Communicate the needs and progress to your congregation.
  • Prevent the building from taking the focus off the vision.